Orthodontic Toothbrush

The ideal toothbrush for orthodontic patients
Patented orthodontic toothbrush
Application of patented embossed brush head
Dental recommendation
One-piece embossing bristles
Double thick round embossing bristles
Tri-fold embossing bristles
Four thick embossing bristles

The quadruple fine hair straightening toothbrush has a different length of mock outside and inside, not a cutting type, so that foreign matter and It is possible to brush even small gaps in the prosthesis. Therefore, it is more effective in removing foreign substances than a regular orthodontic toothbrush.

The Enlarged photographs of our General and Embossing Brasces toothbrush

Embossed double fine bristles + U-brush

= Refreshing brushing with a compact head
= Excellence in removing foreign matter