Silver Embossed

The efficacy of Silver

99.9% Disinfectant,

Antibiotic has proved

Silver is a powerful nature disinfectant which functioning antibiotic and disinfectant against all the single cell virus including a mold and 650 bacteria on the earth, FDA approved as a natural disinfectant and keeping a bristle and mouth clean.
The developed Bristle including silver particles by us , as a chemical combination compound of Silver, particles, the representative function is a powerful  isinfectant and antibiotic. Sterilizing 605 kinds of bacteria and virus including a colon bacillus and it can be prescribed together with a medical treatment of bacterid dermatitis, pimple, eczema, typhoid, cholera, cold, bronchitis, fetor of armpit and foot, body.


embossed toothbrush


After 18 hours
incubation of the control

After incubation of the
sample piece for 18 hours

SANGSI Advantages of

embossed double Bristle

Development of new concept toothbrush bristle with embossed

– Refreshing like scaling

– Maximize plaque removal effect
– Foam generation increases even with natural toothpaste

Product Information of

Scaling Toothbrush

01 Delivers better stain removal and teeth whitening

02 Enhances plaque removal capabilities

03 Deep teeth cleaning that provides the impression of teeth scaling

04 Excellent bristle quality that last longer