Did you know that the number of bacteria in the mouth is higher than the anus?

By 2020년 8월 10일ARTICLE


In fact, there are about 10 billion bacteria in our oral cavity, which is higher than the bacteria in our anus. In the case of people with poor oral condition, there are over a trillion germs.

If these bacteria are left unattended and proper oral care is not performed, eriodontitis develops, resulting in loss of dental health. And it will be burdensome economically. So, to prevent periodontitis, it is most important to brush your teeth before these bacteria become tartar, and the choice of toothbrush is more important than ever.



In a clinical trial of Gachon University’s dental hygiene department, we introduce an embossed micromo toothbrush that is much better at removing bacterial membranes, or plaque, than regular micromo.

Embossing micro toothbrush has excellent plaque removal by increasing cleaning power by using patented embossing. It was also confirmed that the satisfaction level of the products of the subjects was high.

The right choice of toothbrush is the beginning and completion of oral health.Healthy dental care, one of the five blessings! Let’s go with the Embossing toothbrush from today!

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