What is the reason for bad breath in the morning?

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If you brush your teeth and fall asleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, you’ll feel stuffy and uncomfortable in your mouth, why do you get a bad breath in the morning?



Morning Bad breath Cause

In the mouth, saliva plays a role in digesting food and inhibiting germs, such as keeping the mouth dry. Therefore, lack of saliva in the mouth can dry the mouth and cause thirst and increase the number of bacteria, which can lead to exposure to various oral diseases. Getting bad breath when you wake up is also related to saliva.

While sleeping, the amount of saliva secretion decreases. So it’s not working properly to suppress germs, so bacteria increase overnight, and you feel bad breath when you wake up in the morning. If your stomach is empty during the night, stomach acid may cause odor and may cause morning breath odor.

In addition, if you have cavities or gum infections, food in your mouth can decompose, cause inflammation, and cause cavities in your mouth, resulting in morning breath odors.

If you have diabetes, tonsillitis, kidney disease and other diseases, you may have bad breath due to the disease, so for these reasons, it is better to find the right cause and proceed with the correct treatment.



To prevent morning breath odor when you wake up You must brush your teeth before you go to bed. Drinking a sip of water before bed and when you wake up is also helpful. Please refer to it and take care of your teeth.

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