food good for whitening teeth.

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Clean and white teeth enhance your appearance and brighten people.

So I’m going to tell you more about foods that are good for whitening teeth.


1.Green tea

Tannin in green tea removes stains from teeth and removes bacteria. The polyphenol component also protects against enamel damage and is effective in removing the odor.


2. Strawberry

Strawberries are rich in amino acids, which form the membrane of the teeth to prevent tooth colouring. Malic acid in strawberries has the effect of washing away tooth stains and if you grind strawberries and brush them with baking soda, you can see the effect of whitening. But it’s not good to do it often because the acid in strawberries can damage your teeth.


3. Lettuce

The fiber of lettuce removes plaque from the teeth as a kind of self-purification, and it takes a little processing to see the whitening effect with lettuce. After removing the moisture from lettuce, you can make powder and use it to brush your teeth.



5. Dark Chocolate

– Cacao is a substance of Teabromine, which strengthens the enamel of the teeth, wraps the enamel surface and prevents the coloring. However, sugar-based milk chocolate does not help with whitening and rather causes bad breath and tooth decay.


6. Apologize

– The crisp texture of apples strengthens the gums, reducing the risk of tooth loss and gum disease, and increasing oral saliva with high moisture content in apples to remove bacteria in the mouth.


7. Cheese

When you eat cheese, your mouth becomes alkaline. Therefore, tooth corrosion and coloring are reduced and the calcium content in cheese makes the teeth strong.


So far, we have searched about foods that are good for whitening teeth. Please refer to it and I hope it was helpful.

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