Healthy Common Knowledge for Teeth!

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Teeth health needs to be maintained steadily from an early age to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Today, I will tell you more about common health knowledge for your teeth.


1. When a tooth is broken

– Once a tooth is damaged, it cannot be restored to its original tooth forever, and if it is lost, it will lose valuable property. If your teeth are missing, it’s better to soak them in saline solution and milk.

This is the use of concentration-like solution preservation methods in the human body to prevent tooth tissue necrosis for dental floss surgery. I wish I could get this because I have separate dental water, but it’s usually hard to get even that in an emergency, so I recommend you put it in milk, preserve it, and go straight to the dentist.

2. The Importance of Scaling

It is generally recommended to do scaling once every six months, and if you have a lot of tartar attached, it is good to do it every three months. If you have a good toothbrush and good oral hygiene, it’s okay to have a 12-month cycle.

Poor scaling can result from oral diseases such as tooth decay and periodontal disease.



3. Why You Need to Care Your Teeth Continuously

After adulthood, you have to spend the rest of your life with a single permanent tooth that doesn’t regenerate again. In particular, if you do not take good care of your teeth, your dental health may deteriorate rapidly due to cracks in your teeth, damage to your teeth, and periodontal disease, so you should always be able to take care of your teeth in your daily life.

It is wise to avoid cola, coffee, curry, black tea, and alcohol, which are foods that usually cause bad teeth, and to brush your teeth right after you eat, rinse it with water, and quit smoking that causes tooth damage.

In order to live the rest of your life smoothly with permanent teeth, you should brush your teeth well and practice dental care steadily through regular dental checkups.


So far, we have searched for common health knowledge for teeth. Please refer to it and I hope it was helpful.


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