four causes of tooth discoloration.

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White teeth become more and more yellowish over time. Teeth discoloration occurs due to various causes. So I’m going to tell you in detail about four causes of tooth discoloration.



1. Food pigmentation

Tanninic acid in coffee and tea stain teeth and discolor teeth to yellowish brown. It discolors not only tea or coffee but also colored drinks, food, curry, red wine, and coke.

2. Aging

As you get older and older, your teeth are getting more and more dull yellowish. However, discoloration caused by aging can be improved effectively by whitening treatment.

3. Chemicals

Colour can occur by chemicals. Long-term use of oral cleansers containing chlorhucidine or brown or black colouring to the surface. Tetracycline drugs can also discolor teeth by combining them with calcium in the teeth.

4. Smoking

Smoking can also cause black or brown discoloration in your teeth. The lower-grade product of smoking does not decompose in the saliva but remains in the mouth, causing coloration throughout the surface of the teeth.



  • A habit of living for pretty teeth

Drink oolong tea, tobacco, cola, wine, etc., which cause coloration in your teeth, and have a habit of rinsing lightly with water.

So far, we’ve looked at four causes of tooth discoloration. Please refer to it and I hope it was helpful.


Source- Korean Dental Association

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