symptoms of wisdom teeth.

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Many adults suffer from wisdom teeth. Today, I will tell you in detail about the symptoms of wisdom teeth that are ruining healthy teeth.


What are wisdom teeth?

The molar inside the mouth is called the wisdom tooth. The third largest molar in the innermost part of the permanent teeth of the chin up and down is a wisdom tooth.

What about the role of wisdom teeth?

The original function is no different from other teeth. It’s a function that chews food and grinds it into small pieces to make a shape that’s easy to digest, but the problem is that it’s degraded compared to other teeth, and it’s hard to expect normal function because it’s often deformed when it comes out of the gums.

The reason for the normal wisdom tooth extraction?

Usually, when I go to the dentist, I’m encouraged to pull out my teeth, but it’s not a problem if my teeth come out normally because it’s on the inside of my teeth. In the case of obstructing the space of the teeth, it may be helpful to remove the teeth even if they come out normally, and the problem is that when the space is small, the teeth may be uneven because of pushing the other teeth out.



Should wisdom teeth be left unattended? Should I pull it out?

If wisdom teeth are buried in the jawbone, it causes severe swelling in the mouth. In other words, appendicitis refers to a disorder that occurs when wisdom teeth come out of the gums, which can be repeated frequently and painful, and if symptoms are severe, it can affect the growth and development of facial bones, so it is recommended to quickly remove them.


We’ve been looking at the symptoms of wisdom teeth.
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