How to take care of your teeth after implants is drawing attention.

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There are several procedures to restore damaged teeth after tooth extraction due to cavities or external shocks. Among them, the safe way to use the same feeling as your own teeth is to use implants.

These days, young people are often treated with implants, and the cost of implants and the burden of post-procedure stabilization are high, drawing attention to how to manage them.



One year after implantation is important.

The year after implant surgery is the most important period because the bones around the implant become firm and stable, and the use of unused parts of the teeth can strain the gums, and when shocked, the pain can spread throughout the face, causing discomfort. It is recommended to evenly use the teeth and refrain from hard and tough food.​​

In particular, implant teeth have no ligaments, so the external shocks generated when chewing food are transmitted to the teeth, so careful attention is needed until they are settled.

Also, the habit of clenching teeth and pushing teeth with the tongue are not good either. If the implant teeth are applied force, it may take longer for the teeth to shake and settle down with screws.



Maintenance of cleanliness and regular inspection after implant procedure

Implantation is a stable procedure with a success rate of approximately 90 to 95%. Regular inspection is required because of mechanical and biological damage depending on the patient’s oral health condition, and it is recommended to be checked every 3 or 6 months after the meal.

It is important to keep your mouth clean with a meticulous toothbrush, but it is important to brush the teeth around the implant exactly the same as normal teeth, but it is also good to get a toothbrush and toothpaste from the dentist depending on the condition as it is important to give them a thorough brushing with dental floss and toothbrush, and it is vulnerable to gum disease after implant.

So far, we have looked into how to take care of your teeth after implants, so please refer to it and I hope it was helpful.


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