the reason why one’s teeth ache

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People think it’s because of cavities if your teeth are chilling when you eat cold food. However, tooth cracks can be the cause of tooth decay if your teeth continue to hurt when you eat hard food without cavities.

So I’ll tell you why my teeth ache and how to prevent them.



a reason why one’s teeth ache

A tooth crack is a symptom that is likely to appear in people who often eat tough, hard foods. It means that there is a very fine crack in your teeth. The age group at which tooth cracks are likely to appear is in their 50s, and most often occurs in molars.

If you eat food while having a tooth crack, you will only have intermittent pain in the beginning, so you can postpone visiting the dentist while enduring pain, and as the crack progresses, it can cause bacterial inflammation between your teeth and cause inflammation to bone tissue around the root of your teeth, so you should be treated quickly.



a bad habit of causing tooth cracks.

First of all, it’s best to prevent cracks in your teeth from sticking again, so you need to fix your eating habits and prevent tooth crack syndrome.

1. Use both teeth evenly when chewing food
2. Not chewing ice
3. Eliminate the habit of clenching teeth and grinding teeth

If your teeth are cracked, it won’t heal naturally, so it’s important to make early detection and treatment. However, in the beginning, pain appears only when eating food and is often neglected, especially as age increases, tooth cracks are more likely to occur, so even if it is a mild pain, you should visit the hospital and get an accurate diagnosis.

Also, the cracks in the teeth are very thin, so it’s not easy to find on X-rays. If no cause was found in the basic examination, further examination should be used to determine the crack.


Please refer to the reason why your teeth ache and find the cause and recover your healthy teeth.


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